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Ardeche wines

To us, a travel to a southern region such as Ardeche has to rhyme with wine tasting: this is why we offer you a large choice of packages to taste Ardeche wines...

The Allamel de Bournet family, former and historical owners of the “hôtel particulier”, sold it among other reasons in order to develop their well-known vineyard in the rich lands around Grospierres village. This is why our house has a deep connection with Ardeche wines…

Ardeche wines are numerous, and offer a great diversity of terroirs. Great wines have been produced for centuries, and those parts of Ardeche wich weren’t producing great wines decades ago have very rapidly developed and evolved towards quality and originilaty. In the northern part of Ardeche, expect great wines with centuries of traditions : Saint-Joseph, Cornas, fine wines with profound tastes, produced on tiny and incredible terraces. In the southern part, wether Côtes du Rhône or Côtes du Vivarais, vineyards develop on dry and sunny soils, giving the wine a genuine taste of mediterranean wines, with notes of olives, figs, pines or lavand.

When you book your stay on our website, you may either choose to discover Ardeche wines at our home by subscribing one for our sets (4 wine discovery set or 6 wine prestige set), either choose our Wine & Cuisine Package allowing you to discover great wineries, restaurants and other aspects of Ardeche traditional cuisine.

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Discover the different ways to taste Ardeche wines at La Grande Mademoiselle: any detail on these packages is given when you choose them in the booking process on our website.

Discovery set

4 Wine Discovery set
(+ 87 €)

Prestige Set

6 Wine Prestige set
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Wine and Cuisine

1 week roundtrip Wine & Cuisine
(+ 120 €)