Sport and Nature


Golf, hiking, kayak, horse riding, cycling : in Ardeche, experience everyday anytime the beauty of breathtakings landscapes, whatever sport you wish to enjoy


On the river Ardèche
On the river Chassezac
On the river Labeaume

Horse riding

Domaine de la Nouzarède in Joyeuse
Chavetourte, in Saint Alban-Auriolles


Golf de Bournet (9 holes) in Grospierres


See this excellent website to be introduced to canoeing-kayaking in Ardèche : you can also book-online the different itineraries : click here (this is a Google translate of a French website) –  by Yves Moquet Guide Rivière, in Ucel.

Acro-force, in Largentière

Boatmasters of Ardeche

Enjoy the pleasure of Ardeche traditional boating on river Ardeche with the Boatmasters of Ardeche. Very old and nice tradition to go down the river Ardeche with the whole family…


Acro-force (rent all types of bicycles including e-bikes)

E-bikes rent in Joyeuse